Gary C. Eto, former in house counsel for Southern Pacific Railroad, is one of the very few active trial lawyers representing plaintiffs and the survivors of wrongful death victims in Southern California , that actually worked as an attorney for a Class One Railroad.

metrolink-crash-lgA former member of the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel, Gary Eto has tried cases defending the railroad, and after leaving the railroad, has tried cases against the Railroad Industry for Wrongful Death and Personal Injuries caused on passenger trains.

Railroad Attorney Gary Eto is experienced in dealing with railroad crossing cases and accidents, train derailments, train track dynamics, lateral motion cases, high speed rail incidents, right of way conditions, operation of train and signals, lookout of train crews, driver error, crossing gates, FELA cases, crossing malfunctions, inoperative flasher signals, etc.

Railroad Attorney Gary Eto has had hands on training, actually operating a locomotive while employed at Southern Pacific Railroad, and has assisted others in receiving training on the Railroad’s multi million dollar simulator.

Gary Eto was acknowledged by infamous retired Railroad Claims Investigator and Litigation Assistant, Norman Udewitz, in his book “Tales Of The Rails, Railroad Claims Stories,” published in 2000.

This Railroad Attorney has obtained a $2.4 million dollar verdict against Amtrak for the death of an 84 year old passenger.

If you or your loved ones have been injured in a railroad accident or train wreck, with either commercial Amtrack trains or industrial railroad companies please contact the Law Offices of Gary C. Eto.