“The devastating murder of my husband by a disgruntled co-worker was one of the most grueling experiences a woman can endure. My children and I as well as countless friends and family were mortified, saddened, distraught and left feeling lost thinking, “How could this have happened to someone who demonstrated such enormous care for others?”

The ensuing murder trial was a long, drawn out process that was energetically and emotionally draining. It was not an easy decision to then choose to file a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death of my husband, but I was compelled as were the other three women whose husbands were murdered by the same man in that horrible rampage.

When we found Gary Eto, it was a clear and immediate decision to go with him as our counsel after having interviewed other possibilities. Gary instantly comes across as competent, caring, ethical and thorough. Never for one moment did we doubt his ability to see this case through to a successful end. He always showed us compassion and was excellent at keeping us informed. Verbally gifted in communication, Gary was brilliant in court and carefully and astutely negotiated a fair settlement on our behalf.

I am very grateful to Gary for the impeccable way he carried out his duties. My family and I consider him to be a friend for life. Thank you, Gary.”