“In 2006, I was arrested and charged with a serious crime, and I was looking at several years in State prison. My bail was $100,000. I hired attorney Gary Eto, and..” read more

L.G.F.Los Angeles, CA

“Gary C. Eto, Esq. has succeeded in accomplishing our objectives. We know we have made the right decision in choosing his firm for his professional services. He has many good qualities in him that truly exceeded our expectations. Gary and his associates always made our…” read more

Robert, Cristy and Camille D.

“The devastating murder of my husband by a disgruntled co-worker was one of the most grueling experiences a woman can endure. My children and I as well as countless friends and family were mortified, saddened, distraught and left feeling lost thinking, “How could this…” read more

Barbara Walton

“In one of the cases I resolved in early 2010, one of the OPPOSING attorneys had this to say about me in a document he filed with the court: “Both plaintiffs were, and continue to be, represented by experienced, competent attorney, Gary C. Eto. Mr. Eto has…” read more

Opposing Attorneys