Orange Superior
December 8, 2017




Plaintiff: Gary C. Eto (Law Office of Gary C. Eto)
Defendant: Cheryl A. Kirkpatrick (Horton Oberrecht Kirkpatrick & Martha APC) for Sachi Rajul Patel


On Jan. 17, 2015, at approximately 1:20 p.m., plaintiff Catherine Casil was driving her 2001 Toyota Sequoia Eastbound on the 91 Freeway in the number 1 lane, in or near the City of Fullerton. Defendant Sachi Rajul Patel was travelling eastbound in the number 3 lane in her 2010 blue Honda Civic, driven by Alfred Pimentel. Pimentel’s vehicle then collided with plaintiff’s vehicle causing it to flip over repeatedly across the freeway and land upside down in the middle of the freeway.

Plaintiff’s Contentions

Plaintiff claimed Patel was driving at a high rate of speed. Plaintiff’s contended that defendant was negligent in the operation of her motor vehicle, that defendant caused the crash and resulting injuries.

Defendant’s Contentions

Defendant disputed liability, and the extent of plaintiff’s injuries.


Plaintiff suffered a severe degloving injury that tore off tissue and a large part of the media nerve from her left wrist and hand area. Plaintiff had multiple surgeries that included the removal of her sural nerve from her left leg and sewn into her left wrist to replace the part of the median nerve that was torn away during the crash. Plaintiff has a loss of sensation, function and residual pain. Plaintiff also suffered a traumatic brain injury.


The case settle for $1.5 million.

Filing Date

Jan. 4, 2016