January 2010



Gary C. Eto wins $640,000 for Semi Truck Jacknife

Plaintiff Josefina Buenviaje and Benjamin Buenviaje


Defendants Juan Miguel Molina, MDM Trucking, Black’s Towing, Joseph Vitanza

Los Angeles Superior Court , case number KC054029

On October 9, 2006, plaintiffs, Josefina Buenviaje and Benjamin Buenviaje were seatbelted passengers in the tow truck which was westbound on the Pomona Freeway. An 18 wheeler (semi truck) jacknifed and the tow truck slammed into the rear of the semi truck. Josefina Buenviaje suffered head contusions and subdural hematomas, and was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Benjamin Buenviaje suffered a fracture in his left foot, lacerations to his face, and contusion to his knee. Both defendants (Semi truck driver, Juan Molina, and Tow Truck driver Joseph Vitanza) blamed each other for the collision and further contended that plaintiffs injuries were pre existing due to their age.

The case was set for trial in January, 2010, and settled for $640,000. Plaintiffs were represented by the law offices of Gary C Eto.