Has your vehicle accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly (“Sudden Unintended Acceleration”)...

  • When your vehicle was at an idle; or
  • When your vehicle was in reverse; or
  • When your foot was on the brake; or
  • When you were traveling at a constant highway speed; or
  • When the accelerator pedal was not “sticking”?

What Causes “Sudden Unintended Acceleration” ?

  • Floor Mats?
    While the floor mat being inadvertently pressed against the accelerator pedal could definitely cause “Sudden Unintended Acceleration,” “blaming the driver” is a typical auto manufacturer’s defense whenever the issue of a defect in design or manufacture arises. However, just because the floor mat may have slid forward and interfered with the accelerator – this does not mean the manufacturer is absolved of liability for a design defect.
  • Electrical Interference?
    Technological development and innovation continues at lightspeed. The multitude of electronic functions that vehicles are equipped with is ever increasing. However, there is a direct correlation between the number of electronic functions in a motor vehicle and the number of defects. Electronic throttle controls have been problematic. Pedal sensors, supposedly designed to detect problems often mask them. Electromagnetic interference, or electromagnetic incompatibility occurs when one electrical system interferes with another, and can causes failure(s) of electrical components.
  • Throttle Shaft?
    Rumors have arisen that Toyota has been aware of problems with cracked throttle body shafts in their vehicles for years. The effect of a broken throttle shaft is no throttle control whatsoever and potential wide open acceleration.

Sudden Unintended Acceleration In Toyota And Lexus Vehicles

Neither Toyota nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has properly identified the cause(s) of “Sudden Unintended Acceleration” in Toyotas and Lexus’, and Toyota has failed to come up with a solution to remedy the problems that are reported.

Since 1999, Toyota and Lexus owners have made in excess of two thousand (2,000) complaints of “Sudden Unintended Acceleration,” which resulted in 815 crashes, 341 injuries and, 19 deaths.

These Toyota and Lexus complaints and problems extend over many years, and across various makes and models. Below is a sample list of some of these models where owners have complained of “Sudden Unintended Acceleration”.

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