California Trial & Personal Injury Attorney

Gary C. Eto (License# 117937) is a California personal injury attorney and trial lawyer who litigates catastrophic negligence and wrongful death cases for defective tires, defective gas tanks and defects in vehicle design and manufacture.

Serving Los Angeles and the Torrance South Bay since 1964

Provides Aggressive & Professional Representation

Lead the Ford/Firestone Tire Defect Product Liability Lawsuit

Obtained One of the First Million Dollar Lawsuits against GM

About Gary C. Eto

Gary C. Eto has been practicing law, representing clients, trying cases in Los Angeles California for more than 30 years.

In 1990, he joined Block, Osofsky & Berkowitz, which was established in 1964 in in the California South Bay by Alan D. Block. By 1992, Torrance attorney Gary Eto had become the principal owner of the firm, which to this day continues to provide aggressive, professional representation throughout California.

Gary Eto is a member of the South Bay Bar Association and Consumer Attorneys of California, and over his career has been active in the Attorneys Information Exchange Group, Consumer Attorneys Association For Southern California, and various Bar Associations.

In the 1980’s Gary Eto was an agent registered with the National Basketball Association. Gary Eto is also licensed as a real estate broker by the California Department of Real Estate.

Practice Areas

Notable Cases

Dizon v. Bridgestone/Firestone



On October 31,1999 five college students attending The University of Southern California were returning to campus. While driving south on I-5, the left rear Firestone tire on the Ford Explorer separated, causing the Explorer to fishtail.

Case Details

Navarro v. General Motors



Mr Navarro was a passenger in a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was rear ended on the Hollywood Freeway by a Datsun pickup. The impact ruptured the gas tank and a horrific car fire ensued.

Case Details

Successful Settlements

Pedestrian - $1,800,000
Housing - $770,000
Accident - $320,000
Railroad - $2,500,000
Auto Defect - $1,200,000
Workplace - $1,900,000