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California Personal Injury Attorney & Trial Lawyer

  • Gary Eto spearheaded the Ford/Firestone tire defect product liability suit
  • Gary Eto obtained one of the first million dollar suits against GM
  • Serving clients since 1964

Trial & Personal Injury Attorney

Gary C. Eto is a California personal injury attorney and trial lawyer who litigates catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases for defective tires, defective gas tanks and defects in vehicle design and manufacture.

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Video simulation showing tire tread separation from old or improperly manufactured car tires.

Video presentation of a controlled crash test of vehicles with standard and reinforced roofs. Learn more about protecting yourself in vehicle rollovers.

A TV News program interviews me for a feature story on tire failure and investigates tire retail outlets that sell unsafe car tires.

Presently we are researching the Toyota vehicle recall of sudden unintended acceleration and seeking cases of accident victims. We believe that Toyota neglected to fix gas pedal defects after catastrophic accidents resulting from failures in their cars electronic systems.


Gary C. Eto was among the first plaintiffs' attorneys to file lawsuits against Firestone and Ford for tire defects and rollover problems in the Explorer, before the infamous tire recall of August 2000.

Gary C. Eto spearheaded the products liability litigation against Firestone and Ford. To date, no personal injury case in California has actually proceeded to trial (beyond jury selection) against Ford and Firestone, other than the first filed by Gary C. Eto, (Dizon v. Firestone, Ford).

General Motors

Gary C. Eto obtained one of the first million dollar verdicts against General Motors for a negligently designed gas tank and fuel system, which was upheld by both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court (Navarro v. General Motors).

Serving Los Angeles California and the Torrance South Bay since 1964 our offices have obtained millions of dollars from defendents and auto insurance companies for deserving clients.